An exceptional project

Five troglodyte villas
contemporary 10 minutes from Annecy!

A true technical feat and architectural integration.

More than a property, it is first and foremost the incarnation of a vision, one that considers construction as an act of creation, which sees in housing not a real estate program, rather a profession of faith, towards the beautiful, the singular, the exceptional and the authenticity.

"The Emeraude Barrioz 1380", a micro condominium of five high-end duplex, minimalist but warm design, built in noble materials and environmentally friendly: iron, steel, wood, stone, raw concrete ... and glass, a lot of glass to play the south exposure of the field.

Project followed by Italian designer Dario Delgado

Villas both well anchored
in the ground and open to natural light.


And uncompromising comfort, with terraces with pool (Option) open on a wooded terrain and equipped with cleverly concealed garages, with plug fast charging for electric vehicle. The villas are also delivered with electric bikes.

Each lot benefits from the latest technologies for optimal energy performance!

Discover the detail of each lot!

Soon the start of the work!

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At the crossroads, between contemporary architecture and secular stone

The Emeraude 1380, in tribute to the castle

Builders have imagined digging the earth

To erect a new type of dwelling

In a haven of tranquility, the place is not disconnected

Five lots only, and many layout possibilities

The Barrioz Castle, built in 1380