What we are

This is the story first
a meeting, a vision

that of Myriam Bouteldja, Edmond Polidoro, Hacen Jeaidi, Claudia and Dario Dalgo

A health and wellness professional
A former industrialist
A real estate entrepreneur from the world of sport
And an Italian designer

Two women, three men from different backgrounds, who have made their ranges in real estate where they see a way to express themselves, to create. Who imagine the habitat not as a real estate program, rather as a profession of faith: towards the beautiful, the singular, the exceptional and the authenticity.


"Lady of heart, attentive and available presence, I am the one who listens and hears.
I carry within me a force of conviction of life, to belong, to serve or to serve values.
Spontaneous in the meeting, the well being of the other is my concern. "


"The chance I had to study and create a unique real estate program, in a unique place, with a strong identity,
like the team that will accompany the most demanding future owners."


"Choosing your future home, do not depart from the golden rule" all the beautiful stories, begin with a beautiful meeting ".
My ambition in real estate is the expression of my personal convictions.
To offer to my customers, the unique, the beautiful, the charm, the character, the different.
A project of life that responds to its uniqueness. More than a home, an art of living in terms of well being.
An exclusive, intimate, personalized home that resembles him.
EMERAUDE is part of this philosophy."


"Son and grandson of Italian marblemakers, my life experience has allowed me to mix with beautiful materials and places of excellence that have helped me build and complete my studies in science and architecture.
When EMERAUDE offered me to collaborate on the conceptualization and ideation of its programs I joined without hesitation.
The search for beauty, well-being to build in particularly interesting places are values ​​that I totally share.
The materials and sobriety of spaces without falling into the coldness of a "laboratory house" are the guiding lines of my work.
Customer satisfaction and personalization of the living place my daily challenges ..."

And the pleasure of meeting YOU!

Myriam Bouteldja

Edmond Polidoro

Hacen Jeaidi

Dario Dalgo