Benefits without compromise

Five high-end duplexes,
minimalist but warm design!

built in noble and environmentally friendly materials: iron, steel, wood, stone, raw concrete ... and glass, lots of glass to play the southern exposure of the field.

Five TOP-OF-THE-RANGE duplexes, supplied with a VALCUCINE  (Option) equipped kitchen and possibility of customization, a swimming pool* (Option), heating with aquathermy  (Option) solution and cooling system by heat pump and electric bikes offered!

More than a real estate program, it is a philosophy of life. That of the beautiful and the exceptional, of the harmony with the environment but also that which wants that the acquisition of a good is related to the considered quest of a single home.
The design of each duplex is thus customizable to envy. Finishes, materials, light, home automation ...: the Italian designer and designer in charge of the project puts his experience at the service of the purchaser for a custom-made interior.
Each home can be fully customized, both in the spaces and in the choice of finishes.
Our decorator will accompany you throughout the progress of the project.

By favoring ecologically virtuous materials and a geobiological approach to the field, the builders are part of a strong environmental approach.
The villas thus benefit from a water heat pump using the aquathermic energy of the water tables detected by the geobiological study. In line with this ecological concern, the equipment of each villa in electric bicycles completes the acquisition.

High-end supplies and craftsmen
to realize at your side the interior of your dreams.


• Aluminum exterior joinery
• Adjustable sunshades and / or electric shutters
• Floor Heating Heating Distribution with Aquathermy Solution and PAC Cooling System
• LEMA fitted wardrobes with matt lacquer finish doors
• Equipped kitchen VALCUCINE (Option) provided with possibility of customization
• Full-grain porcelain stoneware tile MOSA TILES or LIVING CERAMICS 60 cm x 60 cm in entrance, living room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet with choice of colors. Possibility of customization with stained concrete finish and waxed or natural stone
• Wall cladding in living rooms made of wallpaper and / or wood or stone cladding, depending on the choice and recommendations of the interior designer in charge of the project
• BAUWERK parquet or IPF laminated thickness 14 mm in the rooms. Glued application
• HATRIA sanitary ware with ZUCCHETTI or NEVE built-in thermostatic faucet. ARBLU bath screen and shower enclosure
• HIDROBOX shower tray with built-in thermostatic fitting ZUCCHETTI or NEVE.
• EDONE bathroom furniture and shower and / or CERAMICA CIELO customizable.
• Terraces in exotic wood flooring IPE.
• Development and decoration of common areas with quality finish according to the recommendation of the interior designer in charge of the project
• Quality landscaping with optimized integration into the existing landscape
• Interior doors with bulkhead, matte lacquer finish, BARAUSSE manufacturer
• Landing doors of armored housing with security lock
• Housing equipped with home automation and videophone
• Garages in the basement equipped with motorized door

We meet with pleasure for more information

Each accommodation can be fully customized

With the choice of finishes and an interior designer to accompany you throughout the project

Dressing wood or natural stone, full stoneware tiles, kitchen VALCUCINE, exotic wood terrace, home automation ...

Exotic wood floor terraces, pools and large bay windows

FREE electric bikes!

Claudia & Dario DALGO - Italian designers and designers in charge of the project

Pagina 27 creates a tailor-made universe where "every meeting, every project opens a new page, yours!"

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