An exceptional program at Domaine du Barrioz!
There, at the foot of a 600-year-old castle, builders have imagined digging the earth to erect a new type of dwelling.

Five prestigious Villas, similar to troglodytes, melted in the fortified wall of the fortress, whose construction will not obstruct the view of the castle or encroach on nature, rather incorporate. A feat in terms of architectural integration!

Five TOP-OF-THE-RANGE duplexes
, supplied with a VALCUCINE equipped kitchen  (Option) and possibility of customization, a swimming pool* (Option), heating with aquathermy  (Option) solution and cooling system by heat pump  and electric bikes offered!

Project followed by Italian designer Dario Dalgo

An exceptional project

More than a real estate program, it is therefore of a philosophy of life.
That of the beautiful and the exceptional, harmony with the environment but also the one who wants the acquisition of a property is similar the thoughtful quest for a unique home.
To express it, a place was needed that matched these ambitions:

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An idyllic setting

There, at the foot of a castle 600 years old, backed by the forest, in a protected environment where reign calm and serenity.
A haven of tranquility, the place is not disconnected because ideally located 10 minutes from Annecy and 30 minutes from Geneva.

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Benefits without compromise

A micro co-ownership of five high-end duplexes, constructed from fine materials and respectful of the environment.
Supplied with VALCUCINE (Option) fitted kitchen, swimming pool * (Option), aquathermy  (Option) and electric bikes offered!

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Five lots only!

Five prestigious villas, of which one independent.
4 pieces to 6 rooms, from 105,70m² living space to 168m² of useful surfaces, as well as many possibilities customized layout.

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What we are

This is the story first of a meeting, of a vision.
That of two women, three men:
of Myriam Bouteldja,
Edmond Polidoro,
of Hacen Jeaidi,
and Claudia & Dario Dalgo

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